You've Got Termite Damage - Now What?

You've Got Termite Damage - Now What?

Call our termite damage repair specialists based in Hanahan, SC

Your termite problems aren't over after the exterminator treats your home for pests. You'll also need to contact a termite damage repair company to replace damaged carpentry features. Bluebird Home Improvement can handle your project, no matter how extensive the damage might be.

We partner with pest control companies like Palmetto Exterminators to reverse termite damage to Hanahan, SC area homes. Call 843-279-5470 now to get a free termite repair estimate.

Our process

Termite-damaged wood can't hold up to heavy traffic, so you should deal with this safety hazard right away. Our termite damage repair services involve...

  • Removing damaged features from the outside in
  • Cutting treated wood to size
  • Installing new studs and carpentry features

We'll use jacks to remove support structures underneath your home in the Hanahan, SC area. Contact us today to learn more about our termite repair methods.