Don't Let Wood Rot Destroy Your Beautiful Home

Don't Let Wood Rot Destroy Your Beautiful Home

Arrange for wood rot repair services in the Hanahan, & Charleston, SC area

With its Spanish moss-covered trees and picturesque marshes, South Carolina's low country area is a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, homes in our area are prone to wood rot due to the excessive warmth and moisture. Bluebird Home Improvement, a Hanahan, & Charleston, SC-based business, is well-prepared to handle foundational and structural wood rot repair projects in the Charleston area.

Our skilled crew can...

  • Assess your home and outline your wood rot repair options
  • Remove rotten soffits, fascia boards and siding
  • Install sturdy wood features

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How serious is wood rot?

If you've noticed wood rot on your exterior, the problem is likely more extensive than you think. When combined with salty air, water can seep into porous wood features and begin eating away at roof decking and structural timbers. You can prevent wood rot from spreading by getting foundational or structural wood rot repair work done.

We provide prompt wood rot repair services to homeowners in the Hanahan, SC area. Call 843-279-5470 now to make an appointment.